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Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Car Loan

When you own a car, people view you as a prosperous person. A car also serves as a quick transport means. Therefore, people strive to own at least one car. Although cars are expensive to buy and maintain, you can take a loan to buy one. If you decide to take a car loan, there are several things you need to know. As such, we are giving you a comprehensive guide: 

 How Much Can You Actually Get?

You need to know your budget before applying for a car loan because the amount will depend on how much the vehicle costs. The lender will also determine how much you should pay in monthly installments. Therefore, you need to determine your budget and savings.

 Various Types of Loans 


There are four common types of loans: 

 Variable loan

The amount of loan you can get varies when it comes to the lender’s preferable interest rate. If you opt to decrease the interest rate, the installments also decrease, and the other way round. In a variable loan, the interest rate is lower than on a fixed loan. 

 Fixed Loan

As you already realize by the loan’s name, the interest rate for this type of loan is fixed for as long as you pay it. You pay the same loan amount every month, regardless of the ongoing market rates. 

 Secured loan

In this type of a loan, your car is at the risk of being repossessed if you default in payment. This is because the very car you own is itself the collateral should you fail to pay it.

 Unsecured Loan

This is the opposite of the secured loan. In this type of loan, your car is not at risk of being repossessed should you fail to pay your dues. However, you need to show proof that you’re capable of paying your dues before you get the loan. This means that you should have a good credit score. 

 What Brand and Model Do You Actually Want To Purchase?

The model and the brand you choose will depend on your financial capability, and whether you want an old or new car. If you opt for the latter, there are specific types of loans for that. If you want an old car, you need to determine whether the car’s model and age are worth taking a loan for. There are instances where you cannot obtain a car loan for phased out models. 

Apart from a basic loan, you can also opt for special features depending on your needs. Some of these are:

 Additional Repayment

This feature enables you to make more monthly repayments and be thrifty by completely repaying the loan before the arranged repayment date.

 No early repayment penalty

This loan feature gives you the opportunity to repay your entire car loan when you are more comfortable financially without the risk of paying more (as a result of a penalty) for actually paying earlier. This is a really great feature as you get to pay your loan sooner than its intended tenure if you have some excess money in your pocket, thereby freeing yourself from the debt.

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