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Here’s An Update on Tesla’s New Beta Feature

Electric vehicles are the next big thing. They’ve revolutionized the automobile industry completely. From electric cycles to cars, the makers are trying their level best to curb pollution and reduce the amount of damage to the environment. Among change drivers in this regard is the prominent leader, “Tesla”. Headed by Elon Musk, Tesla has always been in the headlines for its innovative and unique product line.


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They’re once again topping the headlines with their new beta version of the enhanced autopilot feature. Yes, you heard it right – the beta version is here! After revamping the Full Self-driving (FSD) and autopilot features for months, Tesla has announced the FSD Beta version to some cautious drivers.

Let’s take a look at the details

Introduced on 20th October, soon after the announcement of the beta release, fans were in awe of the new feature. Every minute there’s a new video being posted on the social media accounts, tagging Tesla’s page and praising the company for this new update.

Musk had promised that the FSD feature would be available to users by the end of 2020, and he’s kept his word. This innovation has led to an increased demand for Tesla cars, thereby increasing the amount of pressure on competitive brands.


Shacknews | While fans eagerly await the FSD feature launch, the news of it adding $2,000 to the price is a bit of a shock

But the company has also received a lot of criticism and backlash for the price hike, which will be introduced after a few months. According to Musk’s recent post, there’ll be an increase in the price of the models offering this feature. Right now, it’s only available to some drivers, but it will soon be expanded to more owners. And at that time, there’ll be an increase in the price of the vehicles by nearly $2,000. This news has shaken the faith of Tesla car owners.

Though the automaker has stated that this increment is only for US owners at the moment, speculations are rife that it will be introduced in other regions too. But owners will get a week’s time before the release of the FSD Beta feature and the price increase.

Tesla has been selling the same feature for decades now, and people are purchasing it too. But the extreme price increase following its official release has left them a bit surprised. But needless to say, the company will still be considered as the best among electric vehicle makers.

Tesla has also issued some guidelines stating that the update could be dangerous. Therefore, it has urged all drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and stay cautious all along. It’s been confirmed by the organization that the vehicle will change lanes when FSD is enabled, and so they’re requested to select the bifurcated path using the navigation route.


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To Conclude

Even though the new feature excites users, it’s a humble request that they only use partial FSD as recommended by Tesla, so that they’re attentive and can prevent any mishap. Moreover, they should stay focused while using the new feature because safety comes first.

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