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Latest Updates on the Auto-World

The automotive world continues to change at a rapid pace. A couple of years ago, you might have had a basic understanding of how your car works. Today, the technology is way too complicated to explain. Not very long ago, we had a few cars, a list of which we probably could commit to memory easily. Nowadays, there are just too many to choose from- and not just regular cars.

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Consumerism is real, and even automakers have to comply with their customer’s requests. People want more SUVs, pickups, and crossovers. And so, these vehicle conglomerates are always on their toes, trying to appease the people who keep their business running.

So, let’s jump right into it. Here’s what went on last week in cars.

1. Long Live Stellantis

After over a year of work, the PSA Group (of which Peugeot was the major constituent) and Fiat Chrysler have completed a merger. Both companies have effectively been dissolved, with their collective knowledge and human resources brought together to form Stellantis, the fourth-largest automaker in the world, with 14 vehicles under its belt.

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2. What’s Happening in Sheetmetal

Mercedes boasted the production of an electric companion to the GLA-class: the 2022 EQA. In Europe, the car will be priced at $57,750 and will feature a horsepower of 187. No information has been released on whether or not America will be welcoming the EQA. Right off the bat, it doesn’t sound like much of an American-market car but, here’s to hoping the American variant will be at least more powerful or appealing.

Reveals of the CTV-4 and CTV-5 Blackwing sedans are just around the corner. A collective total of 500 pieces will be put up for reservation, and Cadillac has already told interested buyers to get their money ready. The cars will be up for sale shortly after the reveal.

Costing significantly lesser than Porche’s EV Taycan, a new rear-wheel-drive base model will be released by the company. A bit over its cheapest Tesla Model S, the car will be up for sale for $81,250. Considering that the second cheapest car on the company’s price list is worth $105,150, this seems like quite a significant drop.

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3. Rules are Rules

Failing to meet EU regulations, Volkswagen has been fined with a $100 million charge. This is a particularly embarrassing turn for VW, which only recently announced its plan to invest billions into developing EV charging infrastructure. Its rivals in the UK, BMW, and Daimler, gleefully announced that they reached their emission targets last year.

Furthermore, Ford was ordered by the NHTSA to recall 3 million cars last week, which has Takata airbags. The safety administration claimed that the Takata inflators degrade over time, thereby increasing the risk of rupture, and could potentially send shrapnel flying in the cabin.

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