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If Car Insurance Is Mandatory, Uninsured Drivers Are The Rule

Car insurance is mandatory for every car owner. However, there are thousands of drivers who use their vehicles without insurance. They are either unaware of the liabilities they could be subjected to in the event of an accident or are perhaps just ignorant. Uninsured car drivers do not just cause hardships for themselves but also to other persons who may suffer an injury due to their negligence.

“My mom sent me money for a car, but the cops impounded it because I had no insurance.”Martin Henderson 

 What Is The Liability of an Uninsured Driver? 

Every state has different laws that govern uninsured drivers. Some states have imposed limitations on the damages that can be recovered by an uninsured driver even when they are not at fault. In most states, driving a car without proper car insurance is a criminal offense. Therefore, uninsured car drivers are also required to face the consequences of increased potential liability in the event of an accident.

When uninsured car drivers cause accidents, they can not call an auto insurance carrier to defend against potential lawsuits or to pay any settlements or damages that may result from litigation. The payment for the judgment is recovered from their personal assets. Some states also stipulate that uninsured drivers cannot renew their driver’s license until they have paid for all damages. Therefore, they are at a potential risk of filing for bankruptcy.

 Problems That Car Insurance Holders Face When Recovering Damages From Uninsured Drivers

If you have an insurance cover and you get involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you will face difficulties in recovering the incurred damages. This is because uninsured drivers often do not have any assets of their own. It is perhaps the reason why they have no insurance. Therefore, you should have adequate coverage to safeguard yourself from such accidents.

Everyone who has a driver’s license knows that auto insurance is mandatory. Unfortunately, the economic situation is forcing many people to drive without insurance. A good number of them could be doing so because they believe that car insurance is a wasteful expenditure. These people, however, do not understand the risks they expose themselves and other people to.

 How Can You Safeguard Yourself From Uninsured Drivers?

When shopping for car insurance, ask questions about the coverages that insurance companies offer as a safeguard against uninsured drivers. Although an additional coverage will cost a little extra, it is advisable to consider having it since thousands of drivers are moving around without proper car insurance.

The following options will help you to safeguard your interests in the event of being struck by an uninsured car driver:

Regardless of the reason why the uninsured driver doesn’t have car insurance, purchasing additional coverage is certainly an option for law abiding citizens. Do not look at the premium cost, but consider the kind of damages they could incur if you got into an accident with an uninsured driver. You will suffer if you neglect to add additional insurance cover as a method which can provide you adequate safety.

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