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Important Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Cars in Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the wealthiest nations in the whole world. It is the best place to visit if you’re looking for luxury experiences from hotels to shops, to food and it will take you aback because of its posh and luxurious promise.

The same is the case with its auto industry, where it’s normal to see luxury cars everywhere. The city is a hub for high-end vehicles, and owning one will automatically mean that you have deep pockets. It’s almost impossible to visit this glamorous city of United Arab Emirates and escape the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and the famous, and if you’re feeling a bit a lucky, you might want to get your hands on one of the many luxury cars Dubai has to offer. But before you head out to the showroom, here are a few crucial things to think about.


First, try to determine the reason behind your wish to buy a luxury car. Is it a decision you made on a whim or do you actually need one? Of course, most people dream of purchasing their very own high-end vehicles, and for the right reasons. These vehicles are far more sophisticated and tend to become the center of the attention wherever they go. Plus, the features are state-of-the-art and world-class – but are they really worth the hefty price tag? Before anything else, ask yourself what purpose this vehicle will serve and whether it will be worth the investment.

Dubai obviously has one of the nicest roads which makes driving a fast luxury car even more satisfying. But that alone shouldn’t be the reason behind this big purchase.

Riding your sleek luxury car on Dubai roads along with other high-end vehicles will make you feel you’re on cloud nine

Insurance and Warranty

Luxury cars, just like any other vehicle, need insurance before you get to ride and show it off around the neighborhood. Because these types of cars are more expensive than others, expect that the premiums will be priced higher, too.

This is because repairs and parts tend to be pricier than the others. Moreover, it is worth noting that you should stick with comprehensive insurance. Not only that, but the amount being discussed here is not a joke. It will take about 6 to 10 percent of the worth of the luxury car just for it to be insured. So basically, it goes without saying that you should have enough money for premiums, too.

However, keep in mind that in Dubai, where desert drive and dune bashing are popular, off-road support is usually not part of the insurance, but it can be added to the policy. So be sure to include this type of assistance in your insurance plan if you’re into adventure.

In Dubai, off-road assistance is most of the time not included in policies

While you’re in the process of buying a luxury car, you might want to check its warranty, as it can be beneficial to know that the brand you’re choosing is offering an extended repair and maintenance period. This is because repair can be costly for luxury cars, just imagine if you’re going to shoulder the expenses. So it is always best to check on the period of coverage of the manufacturer.

Fuel Consumption and Resale Price

Next, remember that even though gasoline is relatively cheap in the United Arab Emirates than in other parts of the world, most luxury cars use premium fuel. It is a common knowledge that premium is more expensive than the other variety, so basically you’ll have to spend more to fill up the tank.

You can also be wise and choose luxury cars that use cheaper types of fuel. However, these cars consume more fuel than the others because of the engine size.

And last, but probably the most important for those who are eyeing the vehicle as an investment, do your research on the resale price of the luxury car in the few years after buying it. It pays to know the vehicle’s Residual Value Rating, which provides information on the worth as well as the resale value of your car. Moreover, it will highlight the durability of the vehicle of your choice.

Think of the resale value of the luxury car you are planning to buy. In Dubai, some luxury cars still have 48 to 50 percent resale value after three years

This deciding factor is ultimately given the highest regard by some luxury drivers. It is crucial to know just how much you can sell your prized possession  because you will probably want to upgrade in the next few years. In Dubai, some luxury cars still have 48 to 50 percent resale value after three years.

There are a lot of things to think about before getting your very own luxury car while in Dubai. But know that with these high-end vehicles, you need to shell out more than regular cars in many aspects. Just to be sure, ample research is all you need to find the perfect luxury car for you.

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