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New Lexus NX Review – Discover What Makes the Lexus NX a Must-Drive in 2024

In the realm of family SUVs, the 2024 new Lexus NX emerges as a fresh face and a herald of innovation for Lexus. This brand has long been synonymous with luxury and pioneering technology. The latest NX model marks a significant milestone for Lexus; it’s the first time the Japanese automaker has offered its SUV as a regular and plug-in hybrid (PHEV). This move is about keeping up with the trends and setting a new standard for the segment.

The New Lexus Hybrid Innovation

Lexus has always been at the forefront of hybrid technology, but the new NX models—the 350h and 450h—bring something new. The 350h caters to those who might not have the luxury of charging their vehicle at home or prefer a more cost-effective entry into the Lexus NX line. Meanwhile, the 450h model is designed for drivers looking for more punch under the hood, offering a powerful electric motor paired with a 2.5-liter petrol engine. This blend of options ensures that there’s an NX to suit a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

A red New Lexus NX

Lexususa | Instagram

Driving Performance 

The new Lexus NX isn’t just about the numbers, though they are indeed impressive. The 350h’s acceleration is commendable, with a 0-62mph time that competes favorably against rivals like the BMW X3. The 450h takes it up a notch, boasting acceleration times, leaving competitors like the Mercedes GLC and Honda CR-V in the dust. But the smooth, electric car-like acceleration when the battery is charged truly sets the NX apart, offering a glimpse into the future of driving.

A Comfortable Ride Across All Terrains

Comfort is paramount in the Lexus NX, with a forgiving ride, whether cruising through the city or navigating the highways. The choice between 18in and 20in wheels allows drivers to prioritize comfort or aesthetics, though it’s worth noting that the larger wheels, while stylish, can introduce a bit of jostle at higher speeds. The NX’s handling is confident and precise, providing a balanced and enjoyable driving experience.

Interior Excellence

Step inside the Lexus NX, and you’re greeted with an interior that seamlessly blends luxury, comfort, and technology. The front seats set a new standard for comfort in the SUV category, and the thoughtful design of the dashboard ensures that everything you need is within easy reach. While the NX’s visibility and driving position has room for improvement, the interior materials and build quality are beyond reproach.

The interior of the new Lexus NX

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Practicality for Families

The Lexus NX shines when it comes to accommodating passengers and their gear. With ample space in both the front and rear and a respectable boot capacity, the NX stands ready to handle the demands of daily family life. While it may not offer the most flexible rear-seat configuration, the quality of the space provided is undeniable.

Ownership Costs and Reliability

Owning a new Lexus NX means enjoying a blend of performance and efficiency that’s hard to beat. The 350h and 450h models offer compelling reasons for company car buyers and private owners alike, thanks to their favorable emissions ratings and potential fuel savings. Lexus’s reputation for reliability is the cherry on top, ensuring that the NX isn’t just a pleasure to drive but a wise investment.

The Verdict

The 2024 new Lexus NX is a testament to Lexus’s commitment to innovation, quality, and driver satisfaction. With its powerful performance, cutting-edge technology, and undeniable comfort, the NX stands out as a must-drive for anyone in the market for a family SUV. Whether you’re drawn to the efficient 350h or the potent 450h, the Lexus NX promises a driving experience that is as rewarding as reliable. In a world where expectations for SUVs are higher than ever, the Lexus NX not only meets them—it exceeds them in style.

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