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Need a Car That’ll Save You From Depreciation? These Picks Will Work Great For You!

There’s no denying that the novel virus and the pandemic have changed everyone’s life greatly. Many people had to face the consequences of the plummeting economy during the lockdown phase. However, people weren’t the only ones who were affected by the pandemic.

Many industries struggled during this time as states began shifting their focus to tackle the deadly pandemic. One of these was the car industry,  which requires car parts to be flown from across the world to be manufactured but, because of the travel restrictions, production was halted.

Pexels | The automobile market underwent significant turbulence during the pandemic

What does that mean for the car industry?

To put it simply, no production means no cars. This doesn’t mean that cars have vanished off the planet. It means there is a major gap between the demand and supply when it comes to cars, and because of the pandemic and lack of use of public transport, many people have decided to purchase a vehicle. This increased demand for cars has resulted in the prices of new and used cars skyrocketing, making it hard to get the best pick without the fear of depreciation.

Pexels | The interior of a car is just as important as the exterior

 So, here are some of the top picks that we recommend.

1. Porsche Macan

This is one of the slowest-depreciating cars, coupled with some excellent features. If you are looking to buy a vehicle without having to worry about the value, then this is the right pick for you. It comes with great performance and the classic Porsche luxury interior. Another interesting detail is that this car was also deemed as the most reliable luxury SUV in 2020 –  think comfort and design at the same time.

2. Range Rover Evoque

Whatever this vehicle lacks, it fulfills through its extravagant design. The first generation Evoque is no stranger to runway sale success, and because of its amazing sales performance, there are little to no chances of you losing a fortune when it comes to depreciation if you buy an Evoque that has been kept in good condition. The vehicle comes with comfortable driving conditions and is sufficiently well-equipped.

3. Tesla Model 3

This electric car is like a ride into the future. It is not only affordable but also reliable and has great performance. The Model 3 seems to be keeping all of its promises as the car comes with beautiful design, brilliant performance, and long-range. With these features, there is no chance of this car hitting the rock bottom.

Pexels | Choose a car that can perform well in all weather conditions

While these are just some picks based on their performance, there are thousands of cars that you can go for. However, in uncertain times like these, it’s best to opt for one that doesn’t pull you down in a couple of months of use.

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