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The Best Donation Programs For Giving Away Your Car

Do you have an old car that you no longer want to maintain but you feel like selling it will make a big difference in your life? Well, consider helping others and donating that car to charity. However, to do this, you must choose a car donation program. For that goal, we are here to help.

Choosing to donate your car is a great way to get rid of an old vehicle and help people at the same time (not to mention that it is a tax deduction). However, a majority of these charities do not actually handle the process of the vehicle donation. This means it takes some money and requires a lot of manpower to process your donation. If they have a contract with a commercial fundraising organization, it will take a cut of all proceedings before sending the rest to the charity.

In fact, without naming any of the organizations that do so, many people in car donation industry will outright lie to you and only donate a small percentage of the money they get from selling your car. How small? Well, some of them give as little as 13 percent of the money to an actual charity. There is even one that kept 93% for itself only donating a really small amount of money. As we said, we will not disclose them, but this information is easily available on any search engine.

Therefore, to really make sure your donation is going to the right hands, you will need to make sure that they forward no less than 60% of the proceedings, hopefully, a lot more. In no particular order, we will recommend some of the donation programs we believe are good choices.

 One Car, One Difference

This campaign is run by Insurance Auto Auctions Donation Division, which actually handles every aspect of the donation process. This cuts down on their expenses. To donate to them, you can simply visit their website and they will come to pick your car up and take it to the donation of your choice.

One Car, One Difference, however, is not a charity itself; it is a campaign that helps charities that contact them (the list of these charities include the Boy Scouts of America, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and others). But, how much of the proceedings actually goes to the charity of your choice? On average, they forward 72 percent, which is pretty good considering that they cover all of the expenses that appear for the car to get to the charity.

 Car Donation Wizard

Advanced Remarketing Services chose to help charities that accept car donations by setting up a donation tool online that allows people to donate their vehicles. The tool is called Car Donation Wizard and is located at the website with the same name. Once all the expenses are covered, Advanced Remarketing Services will usually pass on over 80% of the proceedings to charities that have contracts with them. The list of these charities includes Unicef, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, and many others.

What also needs to be said about them is that they will gladly take even the car that is ripe for the junkyard and recycle it to help the environment.

 Charity Motors

This charity works in a unique and highly efficient way. They accept vehicle donations and sell the cars as many others do. However, they offer their cars only to individuals in need and sell them for half the price. Then, from that half-price they get, they donate a high percentage to charity. Of course, you get to choose the charity that receives that money.

If your reason for donating your car lies with tax deduction, do not be alarmed about them halving the price. Your tax deduction will still use the market value of the car instead of the actual price they sold it at.

Of course, these three organizations are just some of those that will treat charities with fairness and give them the money that was supposed to be theirs. There are others that you can find with a bit of research. Just keep in mind to always check how much of the proceedings will actually reach the charity you chose.

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