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Car-Related Business Ideas That Might Change Your Life

Every business idea that becomes successful is actually based on necessity and demand, and, in our society, everybody needs transportation. That is why we researched the best automotive business ideas. Who knows, maybe some of these just might spark that entrepreneurial spirit in you!

Ever since the first automobile was invented, car-related job opportunities have been popping out, and people who had the will used them to become rich.

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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

– Scott Belsky

If you love cars and are looking to start a business of your own in this industry, you may want to take a look at some of these business ideas.

Online car renting service

Car renting businesses are still relatively new. Therefore,  this is a perfect investment. This business model enjoys less competition than many other car related ventures, so it is the perfect chance for earning a profit. In this kind of business, the user rents the car from the website, payments are made online, and the vehicle can be picked up from a nearby location.

Peer to peer car sharing

Online marketplace for peer to peer car sharing is successfully implemented by companies like Relay Rides or Getaround. In this marketplace, the car owners can list their vehicles on the website, and renters can connect to car owners easily. The website owner sets the terms and conditions, so the cars can be rented for a day, a week, a month or more.

Haulage or a trucking business

Believe it or not, this is a highly profitable transportation-related business. The trucking industry is very important in the global economy — it provides transport for large amounts of raw materials, equipment, rocks, dirt, building materials, machines, and finished goods. The great thing about this business is that the industry is open to both small and big investors, so you can start with one truck, or with ten. As long as you plan well, you can succeed.

Online cab booking

Another simple example of a profitable car-based business. The most famous company that implemented this idea is Uber. Remember that the market is huge, so there’s always room for more. The main idea behind this kind of website is to provide users with a simple way to order cabs. In this business model, users book cabs on the website, and the cab driver nearest the user gets notified to pick them up.

 Food truck business

Equip a large truck to cook and sell food, snacks and ice cream, and you could quickly become an owner of a thriving, profitable business. French fries, hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches—as long as you offer your service in areas where it’s usually difficult to construct conventional restaurants, you can succeed. Think about sporting event centers, camp grounds, carnival sites, construction sites, beaches…

Waste disposal

Not everybody’s favorite, but it is an extremely profitable line of business. If you are thinking about it, you should not only look for business from the private sector, but you can approach the government as well to negotiate dump transportation contracts. Next to that, you can contact active players from the construction industry as they always need debris removed.

 Self-service car wash

Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly creative, and now they are venturing into self-service car wash business. This is a kind of car wash where car owners can drive in and wash their cars themselves at fees that are incredibly small when compared to what conventional car wash charges.

If you are creative and looking to explore a new business concept, this business might be just what you need to start. Just make sure that you first conduct detailed feasibility studies and a market survey to make sure that you chose the right location.

Car tracker repair and installation business

According to global statistics, the need for car tracking systems is on the increase. This is mostly because it has proven to be very efficient. Actually, most transport companies will not allow their cars to start moving until a vehicle tracking system is installed. Ever since these systems came into existence, managing fleets of vehicles has become incredibly simple. These devices help to ensure vehicle safety, control fuel consumption, keep the drivers in check, and monitor the distance covered. Therefore, every big company needs someone for maintenance and installation of these.

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