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Over the Moon: Trump Set to Win Nobel Peace Prize

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve witnessed history in the making. A breakthrough was made in the relations between South Korea and North Korea as the two presidents warmly embraced.

Given the magnanimity of the feat, Moon Jae-in, the South Korean president exclaimed that President Trump was deserving of a Nobel Prize

The leaders of the two nations agreed to work towards the elimination of nuclear weapons use.  In addition, the two came to terms with regards to the Korean Peninsula issue. Notably, the two refused to divulge on the specifics of the agreement and how they would be able to work around the issue.

The bold proclamation by Mood was inspired after he received a letter from the wife of former South Korean President, Kim Dae-jung, who managed to bag a Nobel Peace Prize award following his concerted efforts at making peace with North Korea. In the letter, the former President’s wife alluded to the fact that Moon’s efforts at reconciliation with North Korea deserve equal honors.

Moon’s comments about Trump deserving a Nobel award went viral. When quizzed about it, the Blue House confirmed that the quote was accurate. The comments were made at the same time that Trump was engaged in a Cabinet meeting on last Monday.


While President Moon’s comments were somewhat eyebrow-raising, he can at least afford to make them given his soaring popularity at the moment. He has an approval rating of about 86% following the successful meeting with his North Korea counterpart.

The poll numbers by Hangil Research poll show that about 88 percent of South Korean respondents approve of the recent Panmunjom agreement struck with Kim Jong Un

Introspectively, the comments by Moon were a masterstroke. This is because the South Korean leader has diplomatic reasons to ensure that he and Trump are bosom friends. By fostering a close relationship with the US, Moon hopes that lasting peace in the peninsula can be realized.

This assertion is best backed up by the fact that Moon had earlier on addressed members of his Cabinet and revealed that he would like to see South Korea actively engaged with peace talks between the North and the US. This means that at present, Seoul will remain a mediation ground as Washington and Pyongyang make strikes towards a bilateral summit.


President Trump and Moon can be said to enjoy a cordial relationship since they occasionally converse over the phone. Their most recent chitchat was last Saturday as they shared the details about the latest summit talks and Kim’s pledge of unity and peace. According to the White House, the two presidents are understood to be in agreement that the international sanctions placed on North Korea had compelled them to come to the table to broker a deal.

The pressure mounted on Kim Jong Un made him reconsider his tough stance on the use of nuclear weapons

Unbelievably, just a couple of months ago, President Trump and Kim were engaged in a war of words. Today, they’re involved in serious deliberations as they plan the summit set to be held over the course of the next couple of weeks. Prior to that happening Trump is expected to meet up with Moon and talk strategy.

At War

North and South Korea have been at war with each other for the better part of six decades. Should they get to agree on lasting peace and the complete denuclearization of the peninsula, then a Nobel peace prize could easily be in the offing. Of course, a lot of optics would be involved in determining who needs to be rewarded for the feat.

Obviously, when it comes down to it, leaders of the two nations, both North and South Korea would be the first candidates. However, Moon’s notion that Trump deserves accolades also sounds like a well thought out idea.

Recently, members of the crowd chanted the words “Nobel! Nobel! Nobel!” as Trump gave his address to citizens in Washington, Mich. The crowd chanted the words of praise to Trump following comments he made about notable changes that he expected to see in the Korean Peninsula. Ever the gracious man, Trump thanked the crowd and went ahead with his address.

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