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SAFETY FIRST- UK Starts Consultation to Make Driving Laws Tighter

When a loved one steps out of the home, the first thing you do is say a silent prayer for them to return safely. But, what if the same person you’re praying for is being reckless with their life?

It has been made very clear that using mobile phones while driving causes accidents. Yet, so many people tend to think that they’re immune to this rule. Especially teenagers who even insurance companies classify as “high-risk borrowers.”

Pexels |Teens verge on the “adventurous” side while driving

But, the government does what it must and to prevent tragic accidents from occurring. So the UK government recently launched a consultation to make stricter laws around the use of handheld mobile devices while driving, therefore making it illegal in all circumstances.

That’s right, no amount of excuses can get you out of that penalty now.

Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association, released a statement claiming that there really should be no excuse to pick up a phone while driving. It’s great that the government has finally decided to cover up this loophole in driving laws. With so many people now hooked to viral apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, the “excuse” for reaching your phone has just grown tenfold.


Pexels |Texting while driving is a crime

Yes, it is currently a criminal offense to make calls or send texts while driving, but it seems like the law is unclear about other things that can be done with a phone, for example, playing games, taking photos, or browsing through playlists. These acts, according to the previous law, are not referred to as “interactive communication.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps made a similar move back in November of 2019, which called for similar revisions to be made to driving laws. It seems that his motion has only just started gaining traction. With COVID-19 having brought global governmental and corporate operations to a standstill, it is safe to assume that the progress of this law underwent the same fate last year.

All’s well that ends well, though, right?

Pexels |Social media apps cause more distraction

For most people, grabbing their phones every other second is just a habit. It’s an impulse that has sunken skin deep. Keeping this in mind, Mr. King also advises that if a person is- as most people are these days- addicted to their phone and cannot resist the temptation to reach out and grab it every time it dings, it is better to convert the glove compartment into a phonebox, that keeps your phone locked and out of reach until you reach your destination.

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