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U.S. Pro Boxer Dons Trump Border Wall Themed Trunks, Gets Floored by Mexican!

For years, the boxing ring has been home to the greatest of fighters. True to tradition, the most recent bout between two professional boxers, an American and Mexican, was nothing short of spectacular.

Of course, the fight had its merits since it was a spur between two adversaries. However, the thing that must have caught the eyes of most, not just those sat ringside, but the entire nation’s attention, must have been the attire.

Before the 2016 election, President Trump went viral with the news that he actually had plans to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico

The intent? To curb illegal entry by immigrants and lower drug inflow into the United States. While the plan in itself was grand in its conception, it received mixed reviews. Some were absolutely for the idea, others lukewarm about it and the rest simply just against the very idea.

We’ve long known that most boxers tend to have braggadocio tendencies. Even the great of days gone past, the Mohammed Ali’s, to the present, the Connor McGregor’s. Thus, perhaps in the spirit of showmanship, a U.S. professional boxer, one Rod Salka decided to don a pair of “America 1st” emblazoned trunks featuring a wall pattern, when the fight with Mexican fighter, Francisco Vargas came up.


In the end, the American ended up losing the bout to his Mexican compatriot. While the entire concept sounds a bit far-fetched upon retrospection, one can’t help but admire the inspiration behind his actions.

Salka sought to make a political statement by flooring the Mexican

While things didn’t end up as well as he would have hoped, he lives to fight another day. In the boxing ring, just like with every other celebrity sport out there, there’s no such thing as ‘bad publicity.’ Who knows, he may soon find himself with multiple fight offers atop his table!

Going down in the 6th round to “El Bandido” didn’t help the American’s lofty ambitions though. If Trump happened to watch the bout aired on ESPN’s Golden Boy event in Indio, California, we’re sure he wasn’t too pleased to see his wall torn down.


The folks at social media never sleep. Bearing that in mind, we’re not surprised that they completely hammered Salka for donning the wall-themed trunks. Twitter, in particular, was lit up by the story of Salka’s defeat.

Of course, Twitter videos didn’t do much to aid Salka’s ambitions. While boxing usually involves a lot of bad mouthing before fights in order to hype up the crowds, Salka may have gone a bit too far with his choice of dressing. Just like in real life, in the ring, actions do speak louder than words.

In the News

During his campaign, Trump shared some specifics about the wall. One of them was that the wall would stretch between 700-900 miles along the Mexican border

Meanwhile, it has been more than a year since President Trump’s election. Given the fact that he was very vocal and animated about construction the Mexican border wall during the campaigns, we’re sure he must have something up his sleeve in terms of fulfilling one of his keynote pledges.

Just recently, he tweeted an update on the border wall. In the tweet, he let his tweeps and the world know that he had just come out of a briefing about the commencement of the Southern Border wall. True to his word, he made sure to attach a couple of photos to pass along the message that he meant business.

However, not everyone was as ecstatic about the wall as the president was. Some of his very own tweeps noticed that the pictures depicted a pre-existing fence that has been in existence for a while now. At present, we’re unsure whether the shared images were simply an upload issue from president Trump or there must be some confusion on the true nature of the wall.

Notably, it is wise to recall that Trump had promised to have in place a transparent wall in place prior to his election. Recently, Trump opined that the military might actually cover the costs for the wall’s construction.

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