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Warriors Will Boycott the White House, Lebron James Says

In a statement issued to members of the press, LeBron James confessed that the Cavs and Warriors shared a common ideology when it comes to President Donald Trump. He mentioned that irrespective who won the series, none of them was looking forward to an invite to the White House.

Incidentally, LeBron shared that he learned about Trump pulling the invite to the Philadelphia Eagles just moments before he arrived at the podium. He went on to add that the decision to rescind the invite was typical of Trump, thus, he was not surprised.

Lebron has previously launched a scathing attack on Trump when he criticized Steph Curry for not immediately accepting an invite to 1600 Penn. He referenced that before Trump got elected to office, going to the White House was a great honor


Through the years, it has been a long-standing tradition for championship teams to visit the White House

Notably, Trump revoked an invitation to the White House he had extended to the Golden State Warriors following their championship victory. Their crowning moment in June marked their second title in three seasons. Following their momentous occasion, Curry commented that he would vote against any planned visit to the White House.

As two-time league Most Valuable Player, Curry shared that he and his teammates are likely to repeat a similar stance they took in the previous year should they find themselves with an opportunity to defend their NBA title.

Warriors forward, Kevin Durant, who was recently crowned as the Most Valuable Player in the NBA finals, shared that, “When somebody says they don’t want to come to the White House, he disinvites them. We get it at this point. It’s good that guys are sticking to what they believe in and what they want to do. Like guys said before me, I’m sure whoever wins this series won’t be going.”

What others have to say

Recently, Trump withdrew his invitation extended to the Eagles to mark their celebration once it became brazenly clear that most of the team’s players were actually planning to boycott the event. Trump had blasted NFL protests in which players who felt aggrieved kneeled whenever the national anthem played. Conspicuously, none of the Eagle’s players kneeled during the anthem last season.

President Trump rescinded the invitation less than 24 hours before he was set to welcome them to the White House. His decision was likely prompted after he learned that several members of the Eagles, including defensive end Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins, one of the leaders of the Players Coalition, made announcements that they would not be in attendance at the White House.

The statement released mentioned that the defending Super Bowl champions are in disagreement with their President “because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and also the people of our country.”

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