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This is Your Chance to Get Your Hands on Tom Hank’s Airstream Trailer

Every great artist requires a good ol’ cooling off after a hard day at work. For almost 3 decades, American actor Tom Hanks has given fans and audiences performances worth remembering. His work has had a profound effect on the entertainment industry, which has led him to have numerous awards for his name.

While Tom Hanks worked on some of his highly acclaimed films, he often spent his breaks in his custom airstream trailer. And, from what we’ve heard, it seems like Hanks is now bidding farewell to his portable home.

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Hollywood’s Most Celebrated Actor

Tom Hanks is no ordinary name- he is one of the most popular and recognized actors in Hollywood. Hanks started his acting career by taking on some comedic roles that resulted in his breakthrough roles and garnered quite a positive attraction.

Some of his earlier works include Splash, Bachelor Party, and A League of Their Own. His role as an AIDS-stricken lawyer in the movie Philadelphia led him to win two Academy Awards. Later on, as he matured, so did his role.

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Parting Ways With the 1992 Airstream Trailer

Letting go shouldn’t always be sad as it opens room for new things. Maybe that is why Tom Hanks is auctioning off his 1992 Airstream trailer that has been with him for 3 decades. The actor bought the trailer in 1993 and gave it a unique touch of his own.

Now that he longer needs it, though, Hanks believes the time for someone else to enjoy it. In an interview with Bonham’s Magazine, the star revealed that movies back in the day were not as fast-paced as today’s movies are, which is why he feels like he no longer requires his aluminum trailer.

Special Feature

Tom Hanks also mentioned that he wasn’t fond of regular trailers, which is why he bought the Airstream. While the exterior has remained the same, the interior has been completely reworked. The trailer extends to 33 feet long and is fully furnished with a bed, couch, table, chair set, and even a faux fireplace. Not only that but, the trailer comes with its own bathroom and a personally signed air conditioner with a special customized message.

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This 1993 Airstream Trailer can be yours as it goes up for an estimate of $150,000 to $250000 presale.

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