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Electric Delivery Vans, Courtesy of Automotive Startup, Canoo

Electric vehicles have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. We’re already seeing much progress in the world of consumer EVs. From Tesla’s Model S and Model 3 to Porche’s Taycan to Volkswagen’s ID.3, the EV world has seen quite some buzz this year.

However, as much fun as consumer EVs can be, we can’t overlook the importance of business and fleet EVs. They can be a gamechanger for companies, with their ability to reduce carbon emissions and save company money thanks to the little maintenance they require.

Electric car startup, Canoo, is aiming for just that.

CANOO | Canoo’s futuristic electric delivery van

Electric Delivery Vans by Canoo

This startup offers two different variations of cutting edge electric vehicles, starting from $ 33,000. The MPDV1 is almost the same length as the Kia Niro but only about 7 inches wider. There is a cargo space of 200 cubic feet. On the other hand, the tall MPDV2 is about the same length as the Honda Odyssey but is about 8 inches wider and has 450 cubic feet of space. A third consumer model, MPDV3, will be released later and may be included in Class 3.

Both models are driven by a singular motor on the front axle and output 200. The horsepower and 236 lb-ft torque MPD V1 is equipped with a 40.0kWh to 80.0kWh battery pack, with an EPA estimate of 130 to 230 miles. The MPDV2 will have the same size, but the EPA estimates range from 90 miles to 190 miles because of this vehicle’s larger size.

CANOO | Interiors of the delivery van

DC fast charging, according to Canoo, for an 80.0kWh battery pack takes 20 to 80% to 28 minutes, and mileage is not that much of a problem as these vehicles are more likely to move around the city and pick up and deliver packages. Canoo, with the limited availability of vehicles starting in 2022 and expected to go into mass production in 2023. Keeping in line with the fashion these days, the company has offered a $100 refundable deposit option for each vehicle.

What else is the company up to?

Canoo has already introduced a passenger car model, which has no intention to look like a “traditional car.” In fact, we bet that the first thing to pop into your mind after seeing this bad boy will be either “space pod” or “futuristic”.

CANOO | Inside the 7-seater EV

It has become quite clear from the latest reveals that the company fully intends to join the ranks of those enterprises that keep rethinking how the mobility industry operates and will keep intending to reform it in its own way.

Considering its strong start, we’re excited to see just what else Canoo has up its sleeve.

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