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Good News for Sports Car Fans as Turo and Porsche Partner-Up to Avail New Affordable Rental Service

So you’re a big fan of sports cars, but you’ve been ‘ubering’ for quite a while now, right? Looks like Porsche might just have heard your prayers! The international luxury brand is experimenting with pilot programs that are looking to target millennials who are avid lovers of their luxury brands.

The Porsche-Turo Partnership

As a matter of fact, the automaker of some of the finest luxury cars in the world is planning to provide weekly and daily rentals of some of its uber (pun intended) famous sports cars to drivers in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco via a partnership with Turo. As you know, Turo is a well-established platform that enables a number of car owners to safely offer their vehicles out as rentals.

The new service known as Porsche Drive was launched in Atlanta last year, and it aims to work on a subscription program. What it does is that it gives the consumer the opportunity to spend about four hours in some of the brand’s most luxurious cars such as the Boxster, the 718 Cayman, and the Macan for as little as $269 per session.

Moreover, if you can splash an additional $2909, and you can proudly call yourself the owner of a 911! That’s only for a week though.

Plus you get free delivery of the car via a concierge service all the way to your doorstep.

Great news for Porsche fans as Porsche has partnered with Turo to unveil new rental service

Targeting Millennials

In recognition of the potential consumer base that millennials provide, Porsche owned by Volkswagen is trying to gain their favor, and even that of drivers who are in the Generation Z category.

These are individuals who no-doubt have been influenced by the likes of Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, and whose appetite for rentals and rides is unprecedented.

A Rising Trend

That being said, they are not the first luxury car brand company to go this route. In 2017, Mercedes-Benz and BMW partnered to kickstart their own car-subscription business that provided customers with the opportunity to access multiple vehicles. They joined the likes of Care by Volvo, which provides the maintenance, insurance, and leasing of a car for up to one month with a monthly payment.

Plus there’s also Cadillac, who also kickstarted their own Book Subscription Service earlier this year.

According to a statement by the head of Porsche Cars in North America, Klaus Zellmer, the company was hoping to provide Porsche enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the thrills and chills that come with driving a Porsche sports car. Talk about caring for your fans!

Additionally, Porsche owners residing in the West Coast that have already joined the platform will get a complimentary visit to the company’s test tracks located in Los Angeles, and be provided with tips to improve their handling and driving of their cars. The program is poised to begin on October 8th.

Most luxury car brands are tapping into the rental service to provide their cars for use at an affordable fee

Massive Car Listings

As of now, Turo has over 288,000 car listings on its website and the membership stands at 8 million strong. Its operations span over 56 countries and in every state in the US with the exception of New York.

As expected, Porsche is one of the most widely searched car brands in its archives, coming in at an impressive fourth place, only beaten by Mercedes, Tesla, and BMW.

In a statement, Turo spokesman commented on the situation, citing how excited car owners are to have the service extend features such as test drives before an individual is able to make a purchase.

Growing Rental Market

Additionally, the service also lets people have a taste of the more expensive models by providing them the opportunity to rent them out for a couple of days in a month.

Webb goes on to say that when they first launched Turo in 2010, most car brands were not so welcoming of the idea, feeling that it could result in the erosion of car sales.

On the contrary, it has opened up the avenue for these car brands to make some money in the rental business, as well as providing individuals with the opportunity of owning a vehicle in the near future.

Conclusively, the car rental business seems to be making massive headway in North America. So it’s only a matter of time before other Western countries begin to follow suit.

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