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Massachusetts Announces Ban on New Fossil-Fueled Cars by 2035

Electric vehicles are the future. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again and again until it’s embedded in everyone’s mind. The sooner we accept it, the easier the transition will be.

Only 5 years ago, electric car sales were extremely rare, accounting for merely 0.3 percent of the new cars on the market, while 1.9 percent of buyers opted for manual transmissions. According to an industry analyst, however, the roles are reversing now.

EVs are on the rise, causing the sale of manuals to decline drastically. The comparison might seem odd but, it uncovers the customer’s relationship with the auto market, and changing trends make it simpler to judge future market patterns.

Unsplash | EVs will soon overshadow the amount of carbon-emiting vehicles

California Takes a Stand

The latter half of 2020 saw an executive order from California, stating that all in-state sales of vehicles must be zero-emission by 2035. Having led the country for a long time on emission standards, it is clear that the state is not looking to back down anytime soon.

The California Air Resource Board (CARB), commissioned by the state’s governor, is to develop regulations surrounding the mandate that all new vehicles sold after 2035 within state boundaries are to be electric.

Pexels |California is leading in EV sales

Massachusettes Follows Suit

Upholding the label of one of the USA’s most environmentally responsible states, Massachusettes has announced a ban on all gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. Pinpointing that 27 percent of its statewide emissions result from passenger cars, the state thought it best to jump on the environmental-friendliness bandwagon. Its goal is set to achieve the zero-emission standard by 2050.

To follow through with this initiative, and keeping its citizen’s needs in mind, the state is widening its public charging infrastructure. Most people won’t be able to own a home charging system, which is why it is necessary to install a sufficient number of charging stations throughout the state.

This change in the country’s attitude towards carbon emissions comes from a new President-elect who cares about the environment. President Biden, shortly after winning the Presidential elections, announced that under his leadership, his administration plans on speeding up the electrification process.

Pexels | EV charging stations are now a necessity

Countries with Planned Fossil-Fuel Bans

On a bigger note, about 15 countries have announced a ban on all gasoline-powered vehicles in the upcoming 15-30 years, each duration varying according to the country’s economy.  So far, the UK, China, South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Canada, Portugal, Slovenia, and the Netherlands have joined the war against carbon emission.

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