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The Roller Coaster Journey of Ford Saloon Cars

That’s how life is – unpredictable! One day you’re on top of your game, and the other, you’re struggling to make ends meet. Nevertheless, you have to stay strong and adapt to the situation, just like Ford has done.


Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images | Automaker Ford, like many of its contemporaries, has launched and discontinued several car models over the years

Over the years, Ford has launched and discontinued many cars, but none of its models have made an impact like the Mondeo. The 5-seater Sedan has been widely accepted by audiences globally, with a special love from people in the UK.

But every good thing has to come to an end, doesn’t it? In the case of the Mondeo, too, the sun seems to have set. According to Ford’s latest statement, the Mondeo will be discontinued in the UK from 2022. It’ll meet the same fate as these Ford Saloon cars, which once ruled the automobile industry but later got axed due to changing times and decreasing demand. 

Model T

Launched in 1908, the Model T was initially not a saloon car. Although it had two rows for sitting, the compartments and doors were missing. In 1915, Ford came up with a solution to that issue by adding entryways to each side of the car.

However, that didn’t make the users especially happy. So in 1923, Ford launched a four-door version of the vehicle, which soon became a big hit in the market. Over 10,600 models of the car were manufactured and sold before it was discontinued in 1927. 


ModelITMitch/Wikipedia | From 1908 to 1927, the Ford Model T was quite popular. The company sold over 10,600 units of the model before discontinuing it.


In early 1939, Ford made a mark in Germany and other Scandanavian nations by launching the Taunus line-up, which featured both two-door and four-door cars. By the 1970s, the production of Taunus had equaled Cortina, another rare beauty of its time. However, both models were replaced by Sierra around the 1980s. 


They say to be the best, you must be able to handle the worst. Well this suits Ford to the letter. In 1953 when Chevrolet unveiled the first-generation Corvette, all its competitors were baffled. No one had a counter to the company’s smart move. That’s when Ford stepped up its game and revealed the Thunderbird. As the name suggests, the Thunderbird was a hell of a car with a stunning body and V8 engine. It was way ahead of its time, and lasted for a good 50 years before being discontinued.


Since its initial launch in New York City in 1964, the Ford Mustang has been a huge hit. Its sleek body and stylish look has compelled several people to purchase it. In fact, within 24 hours of its release, the model had received a record-breaking 22,000 orders! By the time its first birthday arrived, Ford had sold 418,000 Mustangs. The car ruled the automobile industry for 60 years, and to date, it’s one of the five best-selling cars in America.


© Ford | The Ford Mustang is among the five best-selling cars in America. It has reigned the markets for over 60 years

Wrapping it up

Although we believe in the adage, “after every storm, there’s a rainbow,” it doesn’t seem to apply in Ford’s case. It’s unlikely the automaker will produce any more saloon cars in the future. Currently, it’s only focusing on SUVs and Electric Vehicles (EVs), and recently, it even pledged $25 million to electric and self-driving cars. 

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