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Toyota Thrives Despite The Worldwide Pandemic

The past two years have been pretty tough for all of us, and car manufacturers are no exception. The pandemic has affected almost every facet of our lives. That is equally true for automakers worldwide. However, Toyota has been at its best as it thrives despite the pandemic.

Revac / Pexels / In 2021, the annual demand for cars increased up to 25% in the US, despite lockdowns, says the Executive of Cox Automotive Michael Krebs.

Apart from excelling as the top-selling automaker General Motors in the US, Toyota also shined in China in 2021. The Japanese automaker has been selling Lexus in the US for years. But producing cars under the brand name Toyota in China was a rare step that greatly paid off. It became the sole international car manufacturer to settle its punches in the Chinese marketplace.

“One of the major reasons for Toyota to shine in the Chinese marketplace is the fuel-friendliness of the cars,” says Yang Jian, a Shanghai-based Managing Editor of Chinese automotive news. Yan Jian further argues that Toyota cars are affordable and go long.

Nishant / Pexels / in 2021, Toyota witnessed a 10% record increase in its annual global sales, reports a spokesperson of Toyota.

In 2021 alone, Toyota topped 1.95 million sales with advancement of 5% in sales revenue in the last 12 months. Reports from the Chinese automotive marketplace suggest that there was an immense scarcity of car accessories during the pandemic – especially semiconductor chips. But the Japanese automaker successfully overcame this challenge and proved itself. Furthermore, the stats show that Toyota delivered a record number of 1.7 million Toyota-badged cars last year. This number was 10 percent greater than the previous year, i.e., 2020.

Toyota Leaves Behind Volkswagen – The Popular Chinese Automaker

Apart from excelling in the global automotive market, Toyota also left behind Volkswagen’s famous Chinese automaker. The top Chinese automaker Volkswagen saw an unexpected 15 percent decrease in its annual sales, with roughly 2.4 million sales throughout the year. Nevertheless, Toyota remained the unbeaten king in the automotive market, exceeding this local automaker.

Eric / Pexels / Toyota went up 4.5% in its annual sales in China as Volkswagen saw a significant decline despite being the popular local Chinese automaker, says Yang Jian.

Although the Chinese VW automaker’s overall annual sales were greater than Toyota’s last year, the Japanese automaker is constantly gaining more popularity among car owners, says Yang Jian. The VW Group sold roughly 3 million vehicles in China, despite a record 15 percent decline in its sales. “This is the advantage of VW as a local Chinese automaker,” argues Yan Jiang. He further asserts that it will take some time for Toyota to gain popularity throughout China as it has recently introduced itself in the market.

International Automakers Fail to Compete With Toyota

Other international automakers like Nissan and Honda also went through a major blow last year. A 4 percent decline in the annual sales of Honda – with 1.5 million sales – was reported by Honda in 2021. Likewise, Nissan reported that it had a 5.5 percent decrease in its annual revenue with a 2.4 million annual turnaround.

The major challenge for all the automakers in China is generating the required carbon credits. Reports from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2021, VW Group, Toyota, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and SAIC-GM were unable to produce the required carbon credits. However, a report from Toyota shows that Toyota has a narrower gap in getting the demanded carbon credits. The report further suggests that Toyota confesses this as a major challenge and is likely to acquire the demanded carbon credits by the end of 2022. Consequently, this will play a pivotal role in China’s annual revenue and sales growth.

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