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You Won’t Believe Why Leonardo Dicaprio Loves this Surprisingly Inexpensive Car

In addition to lavish homes and luxury fashion, celebrities also have a passion for posh customized cars. No matter what their financial status is, they have the power to walk into a car dealership and buy the most expensive car they see – but their demands don’t stop from there. From TV show hosts to rappers, everyone has a passion for customized cars that an average person can’t afford. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the few celebrities who own cars that are rare and expensive.

The actor has a Fisker Karma Ev Speedster that may not be that eye-catching the first time you see it, but it commands a lot of respect because of its eco-friendly and state-of-the-art facilities. Dicaprio became the first owner of this car in the world in 2011, and that says a lot about his concern for the environment.

The actor is an advocate of environmental preservation, as evident from his fight against climate change and protecting endangered species. The Fisker Karma is one of the most environmental-friendly cars designed by Fisker Automotive and owned by Henrik Fisker.


Dicaprio partnered with the carmaker in 2012 as its ambassador to promote the initiative around the world. Who wouldn’t want to get behind the wheels of this car?

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