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Sixth Time’s a Charm: John Cena Sells His Ford GT Once Again for a Staggering Price!

Most of John Cena’s fans may know the professional wrestler for his impressive car collection and notable achievements, but he also dominated the headlines for flipping and selling his cars. He once got involved in a controversial case with Ford Motors as the company filed a lawsuit against him.

Despite the controversies he faced, John Cena remained steadfast, and it seems no one is stopping him from selling his beloved automobiles. Cena recently sealed an expensive deal and sold one of his cars for an astounding price! Let us uncover the renowned actor’s latest high-profile sales.

The Countermeasure

The prestigious electric motor company, Ford, has taken precautions and countermeasures to keep their owners from flipping their GT car models.

One of the requirements for owning a Ford car is that the applicants must sign an agreement stating the potential owners must not sell their supercars for two years after the delivery.

Cena earned an astounding $1.52 million as he sold his Ford GT to the first owner after him.

Cena earned an astounding $1.52 million as he sold his Ford GT to the first owner after him.

Unfortunately, John Cena broke the contract and sold his Ford GT around September 2017, just shortly after he bought it. Ford sued the wrestler for breach of contract but both parties settled the case outside the court, causing the prestigious company to withdraw their lawsuit.

In the end, Cena won, and he’s now free to put the car into an auction. The car enthusiasts couldn’t hide their excitement to grab the chance of owning Ford’s GT model.

The Car’s Owners

Cena certainly made some noise when the news of his Ford GT auction broke on the Internet. Many potential buyers around the world were on the lookout of chassis number 77 which already had a long list of bidders. Eventually, Cena sold his car to an automobile dealer for an astounding $1.52 million.

The car auction companies labeled Cena's car chassis number 77 after the actor's date of birth.

The car auction companies labeled Cena’s car chassis number 77 after the actor’s date of birth.

However, it’s just the beginning of . As of this writing, Cena’s car already has six owners! After selling it to a car agent, it got passed on to an elderly farmer who put the car up for an auction for the same price.

An unnamed fifth owner from Monterey bought Cena’s Ford GT from Russo and Steele’s website. Sometime in 2018, Cena’s Ford GT obtained its sixth and latest owner from Dallas as he bought it from Mecum for an astounding $1.32 million!

The Net Loss

Despite the slightly lower price (an estimated $220,000 net loss), the auto experts say the latest owner of Cena’s car is still lucky to get such a bargain on one of the most sought-after cars in the world.

Not only did he snag a legendary supercar owned by a popular celebrity, but he can buy a brand new McLaren 600LT or  570S using the extra money he is left with!

Ford is already accepting applications for the next batch of GT models.

Ford is already accepting applications for the next batch of GT 2019 models.

However, the latest owner may have a hard time selling Cena’s Ford GT should he decide to put it up for auction again. Not only is the Ford GT 2017 model quite outdated, but the company plans to release an improved version of the Ford GT model soon that’ll attract more buyers than the old model.

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