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The Real Story Behind Steven Spielberg’s INSANE $200 Million Yacht

If you had an annual salary of $150 million and a net worth of $3.7 billion, what would you do with all that money? Sure, you could buy a few houses and a few cars, but even then you’d be left with a spare change of a few millions — life as a billionaire must be hard.

Steven Spielberg is a name that everyone recognizes and respects in the film industry. The man is an artistic genius who has produced some of the most iconic films like E.T.: Extra-Terrestrial, Ready Player One, Jurassic Park, to name a few. And with that many blockbusters, it’s no surprise that Spielberg is one of the richest people in the industry.

Steven Spielberg hails as one of the world's most successful film directors of all time.

Steven Spielberg hails as one of the world’s most successful film directors of all time.

Spielberg’s impressive career paved the way for an astounding net worth of $3.7 billion, making one wonder how he spends all his money. It turns out that he loves splurging on expensive yachts! I mean, have you seen his incredible 86m yacht? Well, you’re about to now.

The Iconic Yacht

Spielberg isn’t only known as a renowned film director; he’s also known for owning the world’s greatest yacht. In 2010, Spielberg tapped the famous Nuvolari Leonard Italian Studio to design his astounding 86-meter ship.

The vessel was constructed by none other than the famous Dutch shipyard, Oceano who has built some iconic ships include Alfa Nero, Amevi. The company debuted and delivered Spielberg’s Seven Seas at Monaco’s Yacht Show the same year.

Spielberg spent an astounding $200 million to build his massive 86-m Seven Seas yacht.

Spielberg spent an astounding $200 million to build his massive 86-m Seven Seas yacht.

The Features

Spielberg also didn’t hold back when it came to installing luxurious features in his yacht. Some of its iconic amenities include a large infinity pool on the main deck which has glass panels to give the guests a great view as they take a dip.

The vessel is also equipped with dozens of comfortable couches, sofas, and loungers so that guests can snuggle and relax wherever they want. Spielberg also opted for a closed-off design to give himself and his guests some privacy.

The External Features

While Spielberg didn’t reveal the full details of the features inside his yacht, the experts can still make out some of its amenities thanks to its exterior design. According to sources, the yacht’s circular verandas show off some circular dining tables, sun decks, as well as floor to ceiling windows.

The experts say Seven Seas' design can withstand sandstorms.

The experts say Seven Seas’ design can withstand sandstorms.

Meanwhile, the master’s stateroom features a separate lounge where the owner can gaze at the overlooking view of the superyacht and the beautiful ocean. The vessel also features a large gym where the guests can do their workout routine. For those who are adventurous enough to do water sports, they can borrow Spielberg’s jet skis.

The Massive Structure

Despite Seven Seas’ gigantic structure, its speed is top-notch which can cruise up to 20 knots. It’s also powered by an engine capable of generating 9,360 horsepower. Seven Seas can accommodate 12 guests and 23 cabin crew while cruising.

Of course, Spielberg also prepared some rescue boats they can use in case of emergency. Despite the stunning features Seven Seas possesses, rumors circulated that Spielberg is planning to build a larger yacht so that he can bring more friends with him when he decides to cruise the ocean.

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