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Conversion Of Old Vintage Cars Into Electric Cars May ‘Replace’ Tesla

If you are a car enthusiast, you must be fascinated by the latest Tesla models. These Elon-owned cars are electric, have more flex, and are driver-friendly. Take the Tesla Model S as an example. It is the latest electric car produced by Tesla. Everything about this car is phenomenal. From the interior and exterior to lavish design and less consumption of electricity, this latest model of Tesla has all the lavish features of a sports car.

As a car enthusiast, you can not help but clap at the latest model of Tesla from afar. However, the only problem is that this latest Tesla model is beyond the reach of average Americans. It is crazy expensive. That is why a new car conversion is making waves in the automotive market and analysts are pretty sure that this conversion of vintage cars into greener and hushed electric cars will potentially replace Tesla.

Neil / Pexels / If you can not own the latest Tesla car – the S Model – you can ‘make’ one from the vintage car that is sitting in your garage.

Thus, here is how it works: You pick your vintage car from the early 1920s. Take it to a mechanic like Kevin Erickson. In turn, they (the mechanics) will convert your old vintage car into a fresh, less-sounding, and greener electric car. However, what is more fascinating about this conversion is that your old vintage car becomes faster than it used to be. On top of that, it makes less sound, and you will also get rid of the lavish oil consumption of your vintage cars.

Forget Tesla’s S Model With Vintage Car Conversion

Kevin Erickson is one of those racers, car enthusiasts, and engineers who are “transforming” old vintage cars into driver-friendly electric cars. As the world becomes more cautious of climate change and the price of oil leaps, this conversion makes rounds throughout the United States.

Mike / Pexels / Convert your vintage car into an electric car and say goodbye to lavish oil consumption – and experience a seamless driving experience.

Nonetheless, it is essential to note here that although the conversion of vintage cars into electric cars is a trend nowadays, it is the least experienced practice. Simply put, the practice is in its novelty right now – but experts are pretty confident to say that is “definitely worth doing.” Hagerty’s vice president, Jonathan Klinger, suggests that although it is not “that much researched yet,” it is definitely going to be on trend in the automobile industry in the coming years.

Kevin Erickson was the first car enthusiast and engineer to convert an old vintage car into a seamless driving experience. Here is what he did: He bought an old vintage car for $6,500. Then, he dedicated two years of a ruthless experiment to convert this archaic automobile into a 636-horsepower electric car.

Pixabay / Pexels / Auto experts are pretty confident to say that the conversion of old vintage cars into electric cars will shine in the auto industry.

The final product was “mind-blowing,” as Erickson puts it. As a car enthusiast and racer, this is what Erickson wanted. The driving experience is seamless, and the speed is much faster than the traditional vintage cars.

Now, many engineers, car enthusiasts, and mechanics are following the practice of Erickson. And experts anticipate that this will be the trend in the coming years – as the world will be more proactive in coping with climate change.

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