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Cardi B Gives This Surprising Financial Advice to Overcome Depression

Most of Cardi B’s fans look up to the renowned American rapper not only because of her powerful voice but also because of her superb money management skills. Despite Cardi B’s whopping $8 million (and counting) net worth, she still lives a frugal life and invests her money wisely. How does the famous singer manage her massive wealth? Here’s her surprising financial advice to one of her depressed fans.

The Experience

In a series of Tweets, Cardi B says depression is rampant nowadays because people are obsessing over looking at other people’s lives on the Internet and comparing themselves to others. With millions of online users posting their beautiful travel getaway, happy family, their perfect body, blossoming relationship, and money, we’re all bound to get depressed as we cannot help but feel bad for our own lives.

Cardi B says most teenagers get depressed because we invest too much time browsing on the Internet.

Cardi B says most teenagers get depressed because we invest too much time browsing on the Internet.

Cardi B posted the tweets as she reminisced her teenage days where she forced herself to attend parties, went shopping in SoHo stores and bought items she didn’t really need just to fit into her social circle. When she couldn’t catch up on the trend or get inside the elite crowds the way she wanted, she ended up feeling depressed about it. Cardi B revealed how she forgot to focus on the important things in her life due to her obsession with the internet.

The Advice

When a fan of hers told her that they’re depressed, Cardi advises they spend more time with themselves, their friends, as well as their family. She also suggests you do a visual board and fill it with pictures of your dreams and goals instead of posting it on social media. According to her, it’s very effective because not only you’ll encourage and motivate yourself in reaching your dreams, but you’ll also feel elated because you’re just focusing on yourself and you’re not comparing your lives to others.

Cardi B limits her interaction on social media and uses it to browse Google to help improve her knowledge

Cardi B also advises you to turn to your one true friend, Google, to search on ways to become a millionaire. She says that’s how she started to become a Youtuber to earn money for a living. Then, she keeps on working hard until she climbed her way up, sealed a contract, and become a successful woman as she is right now.

Always Bargain For Your Worth

 Aside from Googling how to make yourself rich and successful,  Cardi B also offers this important financial advice.
Cardi B never signs a deal if she knows she's not well-compensated of all the hard work she exerts.

Cardi B never signs a deal if she knows she’s not well-compensated for all the hard work she exerts

According to Cardi B, you should never settle in a deal or contract where your worth, skills, time, and effort is compromised. She advises not to enter in such shady deals because you’re working hard to do your job right, and you deserve to be compensated justly for it.

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