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Are You Ready to Install Ford’s Electric Crate Motor?

Have you ever hesitated before trying something new? If yes, you’re not alone! For ages, people have feared change. Some are scared about adopting new habits, some about using new products, and others about the efficacy of the transition. 

Just like them, many car enthusiasts are afraid of turning to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Several vintage car lovers have voiced concerns over switching to EVs. They say they aren’t ready to bid farewell to their classics yet. But what if you could drive an EV without saying adieu to your vintage car?!


Ernest Ojeh/Unsplash | According to Ford’s Eluminator powertrain plan, soon enough, customers will be able to swap their old combustion engines with an EV motor

With Ford’s EV crate conversion system, you can swap your old combustion engine with an EV motor. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we ain’t kidding. Find out more in this post.

Ford’s brand new technology

On August 20, 2021, Ford teased an electric crate powertrain solution on its Twitter handle. The American automaker said that the platform would be called Eluminator powertrain, after the Aluminator crate engine, and will officially launch at the 2021 SEMA show scheduled in November. It’s believed that it will provide a range of electric powertrain solutions for various models and would soon revolutionize the EV industry. 


Adrian N/Unsplash | Ford shared a glimpse of the electric crate powertrain solution on its Twitter handle in the last few weeks of August

For those who think Ford has created history by introducing this tech, let us remind you that in 2018, Chevrolet came up with a similar system. After a few tweaks here and there, that same platform is called the eCrate system and is about to hit the markets by the end of this year. Though Ford has not revealed many details about its powertrain solution, it’s expected that the platform would be at par with Chevrolet’s system and offer more ease to customers.

However, there’s one thing that the automaker has missed out on in the teaser. Ford hasn’t disclosed what kind of battery options, controllers, or thermal management solutions it will provide to customers. It hasn’t even stated the estimated cost of buying the system. Our best guess is that these details might be highlighted during the SEMA show. Until then, we’ll have to be patient and keep an eye on the automaker’s moves.


Nadine Shaabana/Unsplash | The company believes that customers might be a little skeptical about changing a critical part of their cars, but it’s hoping they’ll come around sooner or later

Will customers support this move?

It’s natural that customers will be a bit hesitant about changing a vital part of their beloved cars. They might even ignore the technology for the first few days, but eventually, they will take interest in the system. Who knows, they might even start to like it. As of now, making any comments on the customer mindset would be incorrect. It’s best to wait for the platform’s launch.

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