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Kia To Bring About a Revolutionary Change In It’s New Gen Sportage Model

Here’s a surprise for all the car lovers. We have some super exciting news to share regarding the whereabouts of the 2022 Kia Sportage! The classy next-generation SUV was spotted down the streets of Europe when it was being spun around for a test drive. 


Car Brand Names | Kia is all set to launch its 2022 Sportage SUV

Let’s take a peek at the car’s awesome design and high-tech features.

Taking a look at the car’s design

Keeping the prototype’s obvious camouflage aside, it appears that Kia has aimed to bring about a comprehensive evolution when it comes to design and style. The Sportage presents a significant shift as compared to its predecessors. With almost the entire rear light concealed, fans are slightly confused about whether the car will share a composition similar to the Telluride-inspired vertical theme of the Sorento or will it hold on to its cover-up light bar. 

The new patterns implemented on the bonnet’s edge indicate that the SUV clothes itself with a brand new iteration of Kia’s tiger-nose grille, and the front lights place themselves at the lower and front splitter.  There’s evident uniformity in the revamped sides and rear, along with renovation in the roofline, which curves downwards to an entirely new boot lid, covered and finished with a distinguished spoiler.


News Cars | The latest model benefits from an upgraded design and advanced technology

And what about the features?

The Sportage comes with four trim levels where one gets multiple engines to choose from – a naturally aspirated and turbo-charged version of 1.6-liter petrol, and a recently introduced 1.6 mild-hybrid diesel. While it’s not confirmed by the brand if all the three engines will be available in this model at the time of its marketing in 2022, the diesel one is most likely to be present since it has a very crucial role to play in Kia’s European line-up.

The petrol option may be electrified, but nothing has been disclosed yet. So fans can keep guessing some more as to whether the Sportage will walk through the same path as the Sorento in order to achieve a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. But with the revelation of a legally authorized yellow sticker at the rear, this test prototype may have an electrified powertrain set up as well.

The SUV is likely to adopt multiple features of its sibling’s improved safety protocols and networking technologies, owing to the fact that it shares the same platform with the recently disclosed Hyundai Tucson. Technologies may include adjustable cruise control, assistance in following the lanes, automatic parking with the help of key fob, and wireless smartphone imitation. 


Motoring Research | Newly added tech includes adjustable cruise control, lane assistance, auto-parking with key fob, and wireless smartphone imitation

To Conclude

The new NexGen Kia Sportage SUV is rumored to make its first appearance in late 2021 and is likely to hit its marketing spot for the public by early 2022. This 5th generation Sportage SUV will be a great delight to own since it currently is the best selling model in the UK.

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